Good news on AIDS in Africa: Religious leaders help fight disease. - Slate Magazine →

"The [traditional] narrative is wrong because it ignores local African responses to AIDS and characterizes religion and religious leaders as part of the problem. We have systematically studied the role of religious leaders in sub-Saharan Africa for about a decade. As a single class of people, local religious leaders sit at the very top of our list of who should receive credit for the behavior changes that have curbed the spread of HIV in Africa.”

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Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World by Paul Stamets

" I then think that we can make the argument that we should save the old growth forest as a matter of national defense"


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Charity president says aid groups are misleading the public on Somalia | Global development | The Observer →

"The head of an international medical charity has called on aid agencies to stop presenting a misleading picture of the famine in Somalia and admit that helping the worst-affected people is almost impossible.

the use of phrases such as “famine in the Horn of Africa” or “worst drought in 60 years” obscured the “man-made” factors that had created the crisis and wrongly implied that the solution was simply to find the money to ship enough food to the region.

[Karunakara] said charities needed to start treating the public “like adults”. He went on: “There is a con, there is an unrealistic expectation being peddled that you give your £50 and suddenly those people are going to have food to eat. Well, no. We need that £50, yes; we will spend it with integrity. But people need to understand the reality of the challenges in delivering that aid.”

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Shell faces first Nigeria spill claims in UK →

"This is one of the most devastating oil spills the world has ever seen and yet it had gone almost unnoticed until we received instructions to bring about a claim against Shell in this country." Click to read entire article.

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We join our brothers and sisters in the Republic of South Sudan as they celebrate this milestone in their history. We pray that all categories of people and groups in the new Republic of South Sudan will lay down arms, embrace peace and work towards nation-building. The new Republic of South Sudan should be a model of tolerance and unity in diversity.

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Bishops of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA)

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South Sudan Becomes World's Newest Nation →

Juba, South Sudan - After decades of war and millions of dead, and before a crowd of tens of thousands of Sudanese and foreign dignitaries, the world’s newest nation was born in Juba on Saturday.

To rapturous cries and tears of joy, South Sudan became the 193rd country recognised by the United Nations, and also one of the world’s least developed….

The official ceremony on Saturday follows a boisterous party on Friday night. South Sudanese poured into the streets shortly before midnight, dancing, beating drums and honking car horns.

"I think you know what this means," said Joseph Bol, a soldier standing guard at one of Juba’s main intersections. "This is what we fought for. It means not having to live under anyone, it means we decide our own future."

Independence comes six months after a January referendum in which nearly 99 per cent of South Sudanese voted to separate from the north. The ballot was mandated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, the 2005 deal aimed at ending decades of civil war.

Some 2.5 million people were killed during the conflict between southern rebels and the government in Khartoum.

Most South Sudanese say they’re now tired of war and focused on economic development. The new state of South Sudan is one of the poorest and most underdeveloped in the world, but many seem optimistic that independence from the north will mean a better standard of living.

"This [independence] also means the beginning of development for this country," said Thon Jacob, who celebrated independence at a packed Friday-night worship service at the Emmanuel Church. "Because the resources of the south have always been used for the north. Now the government will be able to develop the south."….

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